Rejuvenates your mind.
Helps in correcting short sightedness.
Enhances blood circulation to the brain and the scalp area.
Promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall by nourishing the hair roots.
Relieves tiredness and lethargic feeling experienced after long drives, excessive use of computers, etc.
Highly effective in relieving headaches due to migraine, etc.
Helps in boosting memory and learning.
Relieves insomnia(sleep disorders).

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1 Requires 2 AA batteries. Hand held, can be carried anywhere

2 Powerful motor so as to generate vibrations that cover the entire scalp area

3 Washable tentacles made of flexible Stainless steel so as to fit the shape of every head.

4 Detachable tentacles, hence the body of the comb can be used for massaging different body parts, for Facials etc.

5 Tentacles can be relocated at different angles for covering forehead, entire scalp area etc.