How can I be assured of the product quality? Do these wellness solutions comply with international standards?

Yes, all the wellness solutions (equipments) strictly comply with widely accepted international quality standards like CE,  ROHS, FCC, TUV, UL etc

How does the use of wellness solutions help medically ?Are there any health benefits of massage ?

Yes, massage can help increase blood circulation, reduce tension, release endorphins (body natural pain killers), and relax your muscles. The other widely known and accepted benefits are listed below:

  1. Reduces stress and eliminates fatigue
  2. Increases blood circulation, oxygen and nutrition to cells
  3. Eases sore muscles and joints
  4. Aids in relaxing the abdominal muscles
  5. Diminishes insomnia
  6. Increases range of motion and flexibility
  7. Relieves muscle spasms and  headaches
  8. Cleanses the body of toxins and wastes
  9. Counterbalances travel fatigue
  10. Improves skin and muscle tone
  11. Enhances ability to think and concentrate
  12. Accelerates the healing process
  13. Strengthens the immune system, retards the ageing process
  14. Increases energy
  15. Assists in uplifting the mood
  16. Creates a sense of well being


Will taking a massage help reduce stress levels ?

According to medical studies anything that can help you relax will reduce your stress levels and massage is one of the most relaxing therapies you can receive. Many turn to massage to manage day-to-day stress. Massage helps to deal with stress holistically and tries to help achieve a balance between the various systems of your body, thereby allowing harmony and a sense of well being to prevail.

Are there any medical conditions that would make massage inadvisable ?

Massage is safe for most persons above the age of 14. In case you are suffering from any health problems or if you are under a doctor's care, it is advisable that you receive a written recommendation for massage.

Do I need to change clothes ?

For most types of massage therapy, the answer is usually yes. However, while using any of the relaxation solutions provided by Advent Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd., this is not necessary at all. You need not remove your clothes. The only precaution you need to keep in mind is to remove your footwear while taking a feet massage or a full- body massage.

For how long should I take a massage ?

Each solution comes with an inbuilt timer that automatically switches off the device after a 15-minute session. It is not recommended to continue a massage session beyond this time. Even though one session should be limited to 15 minutes, more than one session can be taken in a day, although these too should be limited to two or three times in a day. Over stimulation of massaged areas is not recommended as it works on the principle of acupressure.

What should I do during the massage ?

Make yourself comfortable. Initially, one may feel a little awkward in taking massage by a robotic equipment but in just few sittings one gets accustomed to the application. One needs to adjust his/her body to a comfortable position while taking the massage.

Do I need anyone else's assistance to use these products ?

No, you can use these equipments yourself. Each device comes equipped with a control unit that is compact and user-friendly. The type and intensity of the massage can be controlled and manipulated by the user themselves depending on his/her personal choice.

Can I take the product outdoors ?

Most of the smaller handheld devices can be carried and used in either the workplace, office or while traveling. They work on normal 5amp household electric supply, batteries and cigarette lighter socket fitted in vehicles( 12 V DC)

Is there any restriction on the age of a user ?

Most of the equipments can be used by normal healthy individuals above the age of 14.

Does one become habituated to it ?

No, the solutions offer relaxation and freedom from stress, anxiety, tension and muscle fatigue. Use of these solutions does not cause any habituation or addiction, and one can stop using them whenever one wants / needs to. Regular usage is recommended for good results.

Can I massage a particular part of the body ?

Yes, all solutions offer you complete flexibility of treating a specific part of the body. Not only that, but you can also select the most preferred movement type, massage mode or intensity to increase the enjoyment of the entire massage experience.

Do you offer service support for the supplied equipments ?

Yes. We have a team of highly skilled dedicated technicak professionals to service and maintain the capital intensive equipments. We also offer comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract. Many of the products do come with a limited warranty too.

How often does one require servicing of the products ?

Most of the equipments are maintenance-free. In case of long-term use, regular checkups and servicing do prolong the life of the products, for which we offer AMC.

How can I be assured of the product quality?Do these wellness solutions comply with international standards?

Yes, all the wellness solutions (equipments) strictly comply with widely accepted international standards like CE, ROHS, FCC, TUV, UL etc.

Would you provide me training on its use and maintenance ?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training on the use of each product that equips the user to make optimum utilization of the available features.http://bid4essay.com/

Does it require time to set-up my relaxation zone ?

Your relaxation zone can be set-up in the short duration it takes to set up the equipment and understand its working. You and your family can start enjoying relaxing massages from the day you bring the equipment home.

How long will it take to receive my order ?

We make every effort to ship merchandise within 24 - 48 business hours from the time the order was placed. Individual delivery times will vary depending on your location and type of delivery.

Do you have a finance plan ?

We have 3, 6, 9 & 12 months finances with attractive 0% interest and processing fees on your Credit Cards (conditions apply)

Which parts of my body will be massaged in a massage chair ?

A typical massage chair massage session will treat body parts viz., feet, thighs, buttocks, lower waist, head, neck, shoulders, arms and complete back.

Can the massage chair be adjusted according to the physique of different users ?

Yes, our massage chairs come with advanced computer scanning technology. The in-built sensors not only scan your entire body before beginning a massage session, but also check for the neck position, shoulder height and width too.

Is there leather upholstery in massage chairs ?

No, the upholstery is synthetic leather which is able to withstand the enormous pressure and stress during massage application. It reduces maintenance time and needs no conditioning unlike leather.

Are massage chairs easy to move ?

Yes, all the massage chairs are equipped with wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another.

How long can I run my chair continuously ?

Though each single session (one sitting) is recommended to be of 15 min. but one can stretch it to 30 minutes. Ideally, one must give a break for a short while to prevent overheating of the mechanism between two consecutive sessions. Do not apply excessive weight. It may strain the massage heads and mechanism, which could cause damage to the massage chair. 

Can I choose between pre-programmed and manual massage modes ?

Yes, you are offered complete freedom in selecting between a pre-programmed massages and manual massages, depending on your preference or need.

Caution : These devices are not medical products. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use any of these products, please consult your physician before using it.